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We work with clients to build training programs which translate theory into practice through facilitated training days, case studies and real-life examples. We conduct face to face sessions or Zoom/Teams training in bite size sessions to accommodate your needs.

Challenges you might have

  • Do you recognise the gaps in your marketing team when they have different experience levels?

  • How can you ensure your team is up to date with their marketing skills and training needs?

  • As our working environment shifts and evolves, do your sales teams need to rapidly upskill to navigate these new norms?

How can we help

Marketing training for teams

Marketing and management coaching

Commercial learning & development programs

Capability development

(Finance, Key Account management)

Online and remote short training sessions

“Valeur have delivered customised training to my sales, marketing and medical team over the past 2 years. The have covered a range of topics that the team were interested in and their flexibility, expertise and engaging approach has been amazing. We seem them now as part of our team. ”
Business Director, Specialty Medicine

Case Studies

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Omnichannel Marketing

Develop & implement an Omnichannel Marketing approach as part of the strategic planning process

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Marketing Workshop for Marketers

Upskill the marketing team and staff in other functions interested in moving to marketing to enhance their skills from a practical perspective