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Market Research

Our team has 20+ years of experience in highly specialised therapeutic areas which allows us to speak the same language as your customers with a shared understanding of the area. We can work closely with you to get research in field with the right customers and deliver results quickly to input into business planning.

Challenges you might have

  • Have you ever received a long research report and struggled to identify what to do next for your business?

  • Do you work in a complex therapeutic area that requires a more technical understanding of the business problem?

  • Do you wish you could do Customer Segmentation that translates in field for your sales team?


How can we help

Qualitative and quantitative market research

Competitive landscape reviews

Healthcare professional & patient research

Customer segmentation

Patient journey mapping

Market assessments

“I honestly don’t think we really understood how to do customer segmentation properly before. Since working with Valeur, we now have clear segments from the research, and both our sales and marketing teams are far more focused and clear about messaging and what’s needed.”

Business Unit Head, Specialty Care

Case Studies

1. Patient Journey.jpg

Patient Journey Mapping

Understand the patient experience during their care journey

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Attitude, trial & usage (ATU) study

Understand the evolution of treatment, usage and practice behaviours in a changing environment